Brittany Trotter

Client Coordinator
Growing up in an Air Force family, Brittany moved around as a child, but spent the majority of her childhood in Beavercreek, Ohio.  Brittany took an early interest in running and joined her school’s cross country and track teams the moment she was old enough. Though she didn’t take her running to the collegiate level, she continued to fuel her passion for running by participating in multiple races throughout college, during which she completed her first half marathon.  She continues to run and hopes to complete a full marathon one day!

Brittany attended North Carolina State University, where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and completed minors in Sports Science and Biological Sciences.  Coming from a family of NC State alumni, Brittany grew up an avid Wolfpack fan and always dreamed of becoming a member of the Pack. She will never forget the extraordinary moment when she stepped out from under the overhang at Carter-Finley Stadium to watch her first NCSU football game in person (even though they lost that game!).  While at NC State, Brittany spent time sharing her love for her school, working as a University Ambassador. This position gave her the unique opportunity to work in the recruiting office for the football program, helping to organize recruiting events and working directly with recruits and their families. Here, she was able to see first-hand the impact that injury can have on an athlete’s career—and life.  These experiences contributed to her interest in injury prevention and rehabilitation, as well as the effect injury can have on the mind of an athlete.

After graduating from NC State, Brittany returned to Ohio to be closer to family.  Family is incredibly important to her and she can often be found playing Pickleball with her mom, out hiking with her dad, practicing yoga with her niece, or just spending a relaxing evening together with all of her family.  In addition to working as a Client Coordinator at Mobility Fit, Brittany is also a Yoga Instructor. She finds that the practice of yoga brings peace and growth into her life—both physically and mentally. She loves to get her sweat on in a challenging heated power class, but is also intrigued by the challenge that comes from the stillness of meditation.  In continuing her education, she hopes to further explore the mind-body connection and its effect on injury prevention and rehabilitation.