Jill Nauroth, PTA, PRPC

Physical Therapy Assistant | Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certified (PRPC)

Jill Nauroth

Jill was born and raised in Lebanon, Ohio. Her childhood was spent outside and barefoot. She enjoyed being active, climbing trees, riding bikes, but her love was gymnastics. She participated with the Countryside YMCA gymnastics program from toddler to the teen years. She was always fascinated by what the body could be trained to do. When she was a junior in high school, she took Allied Health Tech Prep courses at the Warren County Career Center and began her interest in Physical Therapy.

After high school, Jill attended Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio. In 2006, she obtained her Associate’s Degree in Physical Therapist Assisting. After graduating, she worked in outpatient orthopedic PT and industrial rehabilitation. In 2009, she had the opportunity to work in a pelvic floor PT clinic. After many Herman & Wallace courses she learned different ways to treat various pelvic floor dysfunctions both in males and females. She finds it both interesting and challenging, at times, to train people how to use their pelvic floor in everyday activities that most of us don’t even think about until there is a problem.

In her downtime, she enjoys doing just about anything outdoors with family or friends and she loves to laugh! She likes traveling, taking hikes, reading, and being out in nature. Jill says, “Although I can’t do the things I once could as a gymnast, I still love doing a random handstand or cartwheel when the mood hits me!”