Travis Kimbrell

Client Coordinator
Travis was born in Florida and moved to Dayton, Ohio before he was too young to argue about it! He grew up playing sports and spent most of his time growing up on a basketball court, baseball field, or football field. As Travis got in to high school, he experienced some injuries which kick-started his interest in performance and body mechanics. He found out early on that exercise and training helps to not only improve performance, but also prevent injury when done properly. Travis continued playing sports through high school at Beavercreek and even briefly pursued baseball in college, but a shoulder injury and subsequent surgery derailed those plans. Through college, while pursuing an electrical engineering degree, Travis continued to work out and train and his passion for the human body and how it operates continued to grow.

After a few years of unsuccessful rehab for his lower back as well as surgery, Travis was introduced to mobility fit and quickly realized there was something different about this place. He had never seen a place like that, and his interest was instantly sparked. Questions began to be asked, and this was when the seed was planted.

After graduating from college with his electrical engineering degree, Travis worked for over 8 years as an engineer and technical salesman. Travis is a man of faith, and while his wife, Amber, was pregnant with their son, Gabriel, he began to feel tugs. His engineering background, love for fitness, athletics, and the human body, coupled with his intense passion for helping people led him to a fork in the road. After his son was born, and after months and months of intense prayer, thought, and discussion, Travis decided to leave his engineering career/world and go back to school to pursue physical therapy!

Travis’ schedule is quite populated, but in the small amount of free time that he does have he make sure to focus on his faith, spend time with his family, preferably outdoors, and maintain his fitness level. Travis has gone through physical therapy as well as surgery, so he can relate to those who are going through it. So, be sure to stop up and say hi to Travis on your way in to Mobility Fit!