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Imaging: Friend or Foe?

Many of us have been there. We start to have pain and get sent to get an x-ray or an MRI to confirm or deny a hypothesis about a structure that may or may not be involved in our discomfort. There’s quite a bit of uncertainty there. The general habit is to then...

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Trigger Point Dry Needling…What Is It Actually Doing?

Trigger point dry needling (TDN) is quickly becoming a reliable, fast and effective way for physical therapists to treat pain and dysfunctions in muscles, however, most people are unfamiliar of the uses and effects of this technique. Many of our clients are interested...

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When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly… When you grow up in Cincinnati, OH there are a lot things you become familiar with that people from other cities just wouldn’t understand – Chili on spaghetti, goetta, and flying pigs, just to name a few. Today I will focus on that last part…the flying...

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ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Pain Pain: no one likes it, but we all have it. Pain is crucial to our survival. It is one of our body’s first threat detectors. Without it we wouldn’t survive; limited awareness to threats, impaired learning from experiences and reduced...

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Dry needling: A blog from a layman’s point of view

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Dry needling: A blog from a layman's point of view Since our therapists get certified in Functional Dry Needling, we have  had a lot of clients, friends, and family curious as to what Dry Needling actually is. I would have to include myself in...

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Dr. Megan Hersh article: The lumbar spine

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Dr. Megan Hersh article: The lumbar spine Check out this really helpful video by Dr. Megan Hersh of Movement Rx about your spine and the positions to avoid when squatting to ensure the health of your back. Treat. Prevent....

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Dr. Quinn Hennoch article: Mobility gone wrong

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Dr. Quinn Hennoch article: Mobility gone wrong More and more, people are growing in their interest to work on their mobility, but as a Physical Therapist, I often cringe at how this idea of improving mobility is being practiced. Dr. Quinn Hennoch...

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