Paperless billing

Electronic Correspondence Consent

This consent authorizes Mobility Fit Physical Therapy and its certified Billing Company, Resolutions Billing to communicate with me using text message reminders and email. This consent allows Mobility Fit and Resolutions Billing to communicate with me using any email address and mobile phone number that I have previously provided, and/or any email address that I send communications to Mobility Fit from. Open email exchanges should generally be limited to communications that do not contain sensitive patient information.

I may also receive very occasional patient surveys, educational materials, or information about upcoming Mobility Fit events to this email.

I understand that I can “opt out” of the use of text message reminders and email as a means of communication by sending an email to Mobility Fit at info@mobilityfit.com or by calling 513-802-1929. I understand that some messages already scheduled for delivery may be sent after I opt out, and I authorize Mobility Fit up to ten business days to fully process my opt-out request.