Postpartum therapy

When we hear the term “core training” we often think of sit-ups and six-packs. While important, these muscles are just a small part of our core. An often overlooked and extremely important group of muscles comprising the bottom of our core is what we collectively term the “pelvic floor.” These muscles are responsible for keeping our organs in place against gravity and are vitally important for proper bathroom and sexual functions. There are few situations that stress and damage proper pelvic floor function more than pregnancy and the birthing processes.

Here at Mobility Fit, we strive to understand the athlete better than anyone else. Part of this understanding is knowing how to properly rehabilitate postpartum pelvic floor musculature in order to help moms return to their athletic and life pursuits.  Our therapists have received extra training in proper identification and personalized treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction through external assessment methods and customized exercise prescriptions. Don’t think that childbirth is the only reason to have pelvic floor dysfunction either!  

If you are experiencing any incontinence or pelvic pain during activity of ANY difficulty, or if you think you may have an issue, come talk to us!